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Apartments with parking in Escala

Some of you want to take their own cars to travel. But the problem when you arrive at your destination is: where do you park your car ? Rent The Sun has the perfect solution for you; an apartment with car parking. Leave your car in a safe place, in the car parking of your apartment while enjoying an accommodation with comfort and quality. So you can spend a pleasant stay in the small and picturesque town of la Escala. Enjoy long days at the beach, eat tapas at the restaurant and go shopping. Beautiful holidays are waiting for you.

Renting an apartment with car parking provides you incomparable advantages. The comfort of your car during the trip, the discovery of unique landscapes, no minimum weight for your luggage and of course a car parking place just below your apartment on arrival. You just have to enjoy,l you and your family or your friends, the comfortable apartment that we offer you and make the most of your holidays. You can trust Rent The Sun to search your apartment with car parking. If you have any questions, contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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