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Accommodation in Estartit

L’Estartit is well known as a small but amazing town located in Costa Brava, on the North- Eastern coast of Spain. The city is part of the autonomous community of Catalunya in the Girona province. L’Estartit is composed of two areas, the first one is a small and historical old town where you can enjoy wonderful walks, sightseeing and where you can spend some time in magical restaurants experimenting with the local cuisine. The second part is a residential area and it is situated near Passeig Maritim and the harbour. You can find kilometers of open shore, where lies the Illes Medes archipelago which makes it even more breathtaking with the multitude of wild islands all around. The area is also a part of a Natural Park where you can find and admire many species of fauna and flora both in the water or on dry land. Like many towns in Costa Brava, Estartit was also a fishing village, and it started to be a touristic place after the 1990’s, so now you can find lovely restaurants all around in which you can experiment with the local cuisine as well as beaches surrounded by bars and coffee shops.. What tourists love about this place is the fact that they can discover real nature, exactly like on the Discovery Channel. How? Diving clubs can provide you this kind of entertainment. You can take basic or advanced diving lessons as well as observe life under the waterline with its amazing animals and clear water. Moreover, if you enjoy taking part of the nightlife and if you love parties and other events of such, this is also an ideal place for that. Bars are changing into medium size parties during the night so everyone can find something suitable for themselves just right there!

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