Castello offers a rich history. Come and visit the Arsenale and San Pietro de Castello.

Apartments in Castello in Venice

Castello is the largest of the six sestieri of Venice. It covers the long Eastern part of the city. To the West it reaches into the heart of town, close to the Rialto and eastwards it stretches past the Arsenale and Giardini Pubblici. This district is probably the most varied one in Venice. On the West side you will find all the glamour of the city. Here you can find the town's finest art, architecture and monuments. Castello is really rich in history and monuments to admire, as for example, the Arsenale and the church of San Pietro di Castello. It has borders with the Sestiere of San Marco and Cannaregio and all other sides are beautifully surrounded by lagoons. It is the only quarter not facing the Grand Canal and it has a history that began many centuries ago. The name Castello comes from a fortification that was built on the isle of San Pietro di Castello. Castello is a part of the city quite characteristic and traditional and it is one of the few places in this city where you will find deserted squares and peaceful places, and as art curator Francesco Bonami once said, “escape the tourist mayhem”. The castle also faced some challenges during history as it was severely damaged by the 1755 earthquake, but it was partially renovated and new and very interesting buildings were added. However, it still includes a long row of walls and 18 towers and visitors can climb the towers and walk along the ramparts for the most breathtaking views of Lisbon. The castle continued to be used for military purposes until the early twentieth century. Its present appearance dates back to the 1930s, when it was restored to its medieval state. The castle is also home to a flock of well fed peacocks who lurk around the castle’s cafe and who are very sociable as well as ducks and geese who fill the castle’s amazing gardens, so if you are traveling with children, they will definitely be delighted! One of the highlights of a visit to the Castle of São Jorge is the stunning view of Lisbon. From the walls, you can see the Tagus River, the ruins of the Carmo Convent, the Santa Justa Lift and the Christ the King statue on the opposite side of the river. Sights which definitely should not be missed! In this neighbourhood there are many restaurants, bars and cafes where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine and you can also do some shopping, as the streets are filled with all kinds of shops for all tastes and budgets.

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