Experience Isola di San Michele or sail down the Grand Canal in Cannaregio

Apartments in Cannaregio in Venice

Canneregio is one of Venice´s six beautiful districts and it is also the largest one if you think of how large the population of the district is, a little over 13 000. In this district there was the main canal into the city until the railway was built, called The Canneregio Canal, meaning the Royal Canal. In this area of Venice you can numerous enjoy incredible and breathtaking views. An excellent place for sightseeing that you must not miss is of course Isola di San Michele. It is a very famous and historic cemetery island and it´s included in the area of Cannaregio. During a walk through this area you have the unique chance to visit the many beautiful canals, such as the famous Grand Canal. Inside the district you can also admire the Venetian Ghetto for Jews. It was set on in 1516 and all the Jewish people that were living there were totally separated from the rest of the city. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first who came to the city and changed this law, making everyone equal. If you like to admire amazing architecture and spend your vacation in such a historical place then this is a perfect place for you to do that. You can also marvel at the many incredibly old and wonderful churches that Venice is offering such as : Santa Maria di Nazareth, known as Chiesa degli Scalzi and many more attractions and places like Ponte delle Guglie, Sacca della Misericordia. Furthermore, you can also have fun in Venice Casino or visit The Wagner Museum, as Venice is able to host all types of tourists, whether you are looking for a quiet vacation or for an adventurous one, Canneregio can be the perfect place for you!

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