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Apartments in the City Centre

If you wish to be surrounded by history as much as by modernity and sophistication, then the City Centre of the Italian capital is the perfect place for you to live in! According to the legend, Rome was built by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC and it was the first centre of the Roman Republic, later of the Roman Empire and in the 4th century it became the capital of Christianity. While walking around the intimidatingly huge center of Rome, you will find the famous Colosseum, Nero’s park, Quirinal Palace or the amazing fountain in Piazza della Republica. It is almost impossible to get bored in one of the world’s most famous capitals, especially if you decide to spend your vacation in the centre of it. There is large variety of shops for all types of budgets, a very wide selection of restaurants, bars and cafes where you can delight your senses with the legendary Italian cuisine, gelato or the many types of coffee that they can offer you. If you are a person who enjoys a crowded and noisy party then the City Centre is the ideal place for you, where you can find all kinds of clubs with music for all tastes. Also if you are looking to make some friends, Italians can be very friendly, especially after a good Martini! For people who wish to spend a more relaxed vacation in the centre of Rome, that is also possible, after taking in all the history of the place, a picnic on the beach and a swim in the Mediterranean should be a great experience. The easiest way to get there is from Termini Train Station which is right in the centre and it takes only an hour to get to the beautiful town of Ostia. Therefore, the City Centre of Rome can accommodate all types of visitors, it having so many beautiful sites to offer and so many interesting activities available. It will definitely make you want to come back for another visit and it will be an unforgettable experience.

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