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Apartments near Gran Via

One of the streets that you can’t and don’t want to miss is the Gran Via. A magnificent display of new and century old buildings combine the best of the modern side of Madrid, while preserving its roots. The area around Gran Via is considered to be the best and most visited place for shopping. Amongst the many shops, the area houses many hotels, theaters and many trendy restaurants that fulfill your needs. But what is really the best feature is the magnificent architectural design of the buildings in this area. In less than 25 years, the builders made the area from an old district with old buildings, to the industrial hotspot for many companies which reside in the tall buildings that enclose the area. The Metropolis is probably the most famous of them all, standing tall as a pillar of white marble that signals the prosperity of this area. The area around Gran Via can be industrial, but at walking distance one can take a break in the parks that surround the district. It combines the best for people who wish to shop, live and eat in the best establishments the city has to offer and then retreat to the quiet areas surrounding Gran Via.

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