Come and see the old part of Lisbon in Alfama, and stay close to the Tejo river and the São Jorge castle.

Apartments in Alfama, Lisbon

Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon, the wonderful capital of Portugal. It is located on the slope between Tejo river and São Jorge Castle. Tourists know it as being a very attractive area, full of monuments, old buildings and many other places of interest, therefore it is visited by millions every year. Alfama was inhabited by the more poor population and the fishermen which contributed a lot to the place’s natural charm and history. Nowadays Alfama is an absolutely breathtaking and beautiful area also because of many renovations which were made lately. So now you have chance to admire the traditional beautiful old houses which became restaurants where you can savor the typical Portuguese atmosphere and experiment with delicious food and listening to the national, melancholic music called Fado. You might notice that this area looks a bit like a village in the heart of the city, fact which makes it even more worth visiting. Here you would have the chance to admire century-old medieval architecture and enjoy outstanding views. It is the perfect place for a walk, passing by the narrow street, observing the everyday life of the natives and also for taking romantic pictures with the old balconies full of flowers which will definitely make all of your friends jealous. The top sights of this area are Saint George's Castle, The Tile Museum, Sao Vicente de Fora Church, that you surely must not miss. The Cathedral is the oldest building in the area and the Miradouro das Portas do Sol can give you unforgettable mental pictures while standing over Alfama's rooftops, domes, and church towers. As well as the wonderful Miradouro de Santa Luzia which is perfect for enjoying the views of the river and Alfama. The best way to really enjoy sightseeing is to walk but you can also take the tram which can be an interesting experience as they usually are old but renovated at the same time being one of the symbols of Lisbon. It is very easy to get by using the public transportation, therefore this place offers you everything you might need and it promises you an unforgettable vacation.

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