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Apartments near Santa Maria Novella

Situated across from the main railway station that shares its name, the church of Santa Maria Novella is one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Florence. Considered to be the first great basilica in Florence, it still functions as the city’s principal Dominican church. The building itself, and the buildings attached to it, still contain to the present day a great diversity in art works and monuments. The interior of the church is what draws visitors from all over the world to it. Designed as a Latin cross, it has two aisles with high glass windows on both sides. It contains many columns that were inspired by Greek and Roman times. Inside, the artworks of Brunelleschi, Galilei, Masaccio and Rossellino await you and are known to have great historical value to the art world. The Strozzi Chapel, with behind the chapel itself of Filippo Strozzi is dominated by a bronze crucifix on the main altar. Surrounding the building are countless chapels of other great masters of that time which are still honored to this day. The church itself was designed by Giorgio Vasari. The area can accommodate many tourists and the bars and restaurants in the region will help you to easily spend countless hours in this area.

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