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Apartments near Ponte Vecchio

Considered to be the most famous bridge in Florence, and certainly the oldest, Ponte Vecchio dates back to medieval days and expands across the Arno River. The main feature that distinguishes this bridge from all others, is the fact that the bridge is the home of many shops. For centuries, the bridge was inhabited by butcher shops but now it is the base for jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers. Due to its unusual structure, the Ponte Vecchio is visited by many tourists each year and has become a huge tourist attraction. The tourists are drawn to the extensions of the houses that are hanging over the bridge which give it its unusual look. Known as sporti, the extensions are supported by long wooden shores. Besides the many shops, the Vasari Corridor is the main attraction of the bridge. Built by a Duke of Florence in the 16th century, the corridor is a walkway that connects the Uffizi with the Pitti Palace. This was done, so the Duke would not have to walk along the crowded bridge, but could simply take the highroad to avoid all the people below. The Ponte Vecchio is an amazing piece of architectural artwork and is a must to see for everybody how is visiting Florence. The area around is it also littered with restaurants, bars and all sorts of entertainment.

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