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Apartments in the Historic Centre of Florence

If you are considering living in the Historical Center of Florence or the ‘Centro Storico’ in the local language, then we will try to convince you by starting with some fascinating historical facts! At the end of the 13th century Florence was Europe’s most prosperous city, later becoming its cultural capital, being the place where the greatest artists of the Renaissance such as Michelangelo, Botticelli or Donatello developed their talents. The Historic Centre also used to be a ‘merchant-city’ during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Therefore, if you are considering staying in the city where Dante Alighieri was born, the area of the Historic Centre would be an ideal choice. It can be best described as an actual treasure of architecture and works of art, which will surely leave you breathless. If you wish to be spiritually and culturally amazed then visiting the Cathedral Piazza of Santa Maria del Fiore and Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise are a must! If you wish to get a great panorama of the Historic Centre, then you should climb the surrounding hills like Piazzale Michelangelo or Fiesole which can offer you breathtaking views and some amazing photographs so that you can make your friends completely jealous! This area is also perfect for shopping lovers as you can admire the famous fashion designs of Gucci or Armani in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, after a tiring day of visiting and shopping you can easily relax in the many cafe’s, bars and restaurants that can offer you delicious Italian food, gelato and hundreds of types of coffee! Therefore, the Historic Centre of Florence can surely give you an unforgettable experience and it will make you want to visit it again.

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