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Apartments in Oltrarno in Florence

If you want to spend your vacation away from the busy quarters from the central part of the Florence’s river, then you should literally live on the other side of Arno, in Oltrarno. This neighbourhood gives you an opening to the past, a look into another era, as it makes you feel like you are neighbours with the (in)famous Medici family, who used to live in the splendid Palazzo Pitti and the enchanting Di Boboli Gardens. The Oltrarno district is particulary famous for its artisans which is a small group of truly gifted people with different rare talents that are no longer searched for, such as bookbinders, sculptors, metalworkers and gold-gilders, that chose to carry on the Florentine traditions and that are often forgotten by the tourists. You can find them and admire their works in the narrow streets between Ponte Vecchio and Santo Spirito, they will surely leave a lasting impression on you. The whole neighbourhood looks like a ripped page from a history book from the Renaissance chapter and despite that, it is also fully equipped with many bars and cafes from which you can take your pick. If choosing this area to live in then you should keep in mind that Florence has an unique address system! The streets that have an ‘R’ after the number signify ‘red’ and it stands for business, whereas numbers written in blue or black usually stand for residences. So remember that if streets seem close to each other number-wise, they might in fact be two separate places if they’re in different colours! Even though it is famous for being a peaceful neighbourhood, it is in fact very active, as it is full with artisans’ studios, bars, cafes and many small restaurants where you can explore the mouthwatering world-famous Italian cuisine, gelato and the maaany types of coffee! This neighbourhood is a really special place to live in and it promises to give you unforgettable experiences and it will surely convince you to come back!

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