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Apartments near Stradun

Stradun or Placa is the main street of Dubrovnik, it is fully pedestrian and it runs 300 metres through the amazing Old Town. Not convinced yet? Then maybe you will if we tell you that this area is so full of history as the street was paved in 1468 and its limestone pavement is now polished due to its usage over the years and it became so shiny that it looks as if it was made by glass, not stone!

The place also faced some challenges during history and it was remodelled after the devastating 1667 earthquake which affected most buildings in Ragusa ( Dubrovnik’s old name).

The main street is completely pedestrian, cars only stop by in the morning to supply the many shops and restaurants you can find there, in which you can do some shopping as there are places for all types of budgets and after an exhausting shopping session you can relax and experiment with the explosion of flavours that the local cuisine provides. You will notice that in search for the restaurant you wish to spend your time in you may have to climb several steps, located in both sides of Stradun.

The area is currently the main urban centre of Dubrovnik and it is home not only to the most popular promenades and public feasts, but also to the most important business sector of the city.

After you have delighted yourself with the surrounding history, the narrow streets, the mouthwatering restaurant dishes and the kind and friendly attitude of the Croatian people, you may want to sunbathe and take a swim in the Adriatic. For this, we recommend Banje Beach, which is the closest one to the Old Town and while it provides the best view of Dubrovnik’s walls you can also enjoy all sorts of activities in its crystal-clear water.

Therefore, the Stradun neighbourhood can be your ideal location if you want to enjoy Dubrovnik either in a relaxed way or in an adventurous one. It is a guarantee that its sites will leave you breathless and it will offer you unforgettable experiences.

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