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Apartments near Boninovo

Boninovo is an area in Dubrovnik, located West from the Old Town, in a distance less than 10 minutes of walking from the Pile Gate. The neighborhood of Boninovo is famous for its pittoresque high hills and cliffs which offer a spectacular, breathtaking view over the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding lovely bays: Lapad, Gorica and DanĨe. Amazingly, you will be able to see more than 15 meters high cliffs, on which waves crash permanently and they can be as dangerous as they are beautiful, especially while walking close to the edges. It might be a reason why the Boninovo Cliffs used to be viewed by the locals as a popular suicide spot. Nevertheless, when a safety fence was built along the cliff in order to prevent any further unfortunate accidents in that area, Boninovo started be known as place for romantic getaways where couples can enjoy a lovely time out and during the evening sunset it is tradition of the place for the lovers to declare their unlimited love for each other by attaching love padlocks to the aforementioned fence. Additionally, a very popular summer open-air cinema festival - the “the Slavica” takes place in Boninovo, during which both locals and tourists can meet and watch movies in this fantastic place, thus having the opportunity also to socialize with the friendly locals. In the Boninovo area you can also find the oldest and the main cemetery of Dubrovnik, which owing to its long history and beauty of tombstones, monuments and little chapels located there (about couple of hundred masterpiece of sculpture representing different periods of history) can be a very interesting tourist attraction. Boninovo cemetery is divided into several sections. The largest of them is Central Cemetery - the burial space for Roman Catholics. The other sections belong to the faithful of other religions such as: Jewish, Muslim or Orthodox. Additionally, in the cemetery area there is a section devoted to Dubrovnik’s defenders during the Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995 and to the other fallen soldiers of the conflict. Next to the Boninovo Cemetery there is a former chapel which currently is a wonderful residence called the House Boninovo, with rooms available for rent. The area itself is conveniently accessible, the public transport being located in the road which connects Dubrovnik with the rest of the country and it will surely offer you some unforgettable views and memories.

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