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Apartments in Sant Martí

Sant Marti is a district in Barcelona, located on its eastern side and bordering the Mediterranean sea. Since 2001 the area has grown tremendously and is still developing very fast. Formerly, an industrial area, Sant Marti is now a very important business district. Most of the offices, hotels and apartments building of Barcelona are located exactly there - including the Torre Agbar which is the city’s tallest building often used to symbolise it. The area is a product of large-scale ambitious urban-planning, which is why many of its buildings are considered landmarks of modern architecture and are an absolute delight to observe. Besides remarkable, work-of-art architecture, the area is also in close proximity to the beaches, that stretch along the entire Sant Marti coast - very easy to get to due to the neighbourhood’s highly developed infrastructure. If you like visiting museums, El Museu Blau should definitely be on your list. It focuses on the Earth and its natural history. When it’s time for a break you can visit the beautiful Parc Diagonal Mar, which covers 14 hectares and including children-appropriate attractions. In terms of cuisine, due to the big size of the area, there is a variety of choices - from modern, eclecting restaurants to traditional Catalan bars and cervecerias. Just talk a walk around and decided what you’re in the mood for. While, the area’s biggest is not wild nightlife, it does include the famous Razzmatazz club. A popular venue for both locals and tourists and has several salas to accommodate every music preference. All in Sant Marti is a lovely area to stay in - both modern and authentic and combining culture with leisure time.

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