Come and see the tourist friendly Campo di Fiori

Apartments near Campo de Fiori, Rome

Just south of Piazza Navona, the rectangular square of Campo de Fiori has a prominent place in the city of Rome and is visited yearly by many tourists. Campo de Fiori, which actually means Field of Flowers, was given this name during the Middle Ages, was the scene of public executions during these days which gathered many people from all over the region. Due to the many changes, it has always retained its focus for commercial and street culture. Many artists and shops have made this square their home and are open almost every day. During the night hours, the square is a popular meeting place for tourists and young people that flock from the entire city. However, due to the many people that come here the security in the region was in danger and thus local officials have increased the amount of police in these parts. Today, the square is more peaceful but it’s still a very lively place. During the daily vegetable markets where you can buy fresh meat, flowers, spices and fish, it attracts locals and residents alike who enjoy the colorful display of products. The area will surely make you come back for another visit and will make your visit to the city of Rome to a success.

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