Find beautiful apartments in Belem, located close to the Tower of Belem, and not far from Lisbon city centre.

Apartments in Belem

Belem is Lisbon's most historical and monumental area. For many years, it was a separate municipality but eventually it was incorporated into Lisbon as a parish. It emerged from Restelo which is the point of land from which the ships set sail across the so-called Sea of Darkness. The district flourished as riches, especially spices, poured into Portugal. This is also the place, from where many of the great Portuguese explorers embarked on their voyages of discovery: Vasco da Gama to discover the sea route to India, the first voyages of Ferdinand Magellan, and also Columbus stopped here on his way back to Europe after discovering the New World. So how couldn’t you want to live in this historical and meaningful neighbourhood? If you wish to go for some memorable sightseeing then you by all means shouldn’t miss the great monuments of Belem, including the Tower of Belem, which is the primary sight for many visitors as well as the Jerónimos Monastery, monuments which were built and embellished in the Manueline style. Today these masterpieces and their surrounding museums are an essential visiting spot for tourists. For short breaks during sightseeing, there are many cafes housed in attractive traditional houses with terraces along Rua Vieira Portuense next to the garden in front of Belem Palace and they are excellent places for relaxing and enjoying the sights while you taste the exotic and delicious Portuguese cuisine.

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