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Apartments near Lokrum

Lokrum is a wonderful island in the Adriatic Sea, located just 600 metres away from the historical city of Dubrovnik. The name of the island has its roots in the Latin word ‘acrumen’ which means sour fruit, due to the ancient tradition of cultivating all kinds of exotic fruit on the island. Initially the island was inhabited by monks, starting with the year 1023, which on their last day, traditional legends states, put a curse on anyone who tries to cultivate the island for their own benefit, maybe this being the reason why it is currently uninhabited.

Moreover, on the Eastern part of the island there is an amazing Botanical Garden, open to nature-passionate tourists. On the Southern part of the island, there is a small salt lake called the Dead Sea, which is extremely popular among tourists because it is so easy to swim in it.

Another fascinating feature about the small island is the fact that it’s not popular only amongst tourists but also amongst peacocks, which you can find even on the beach! Adding to its charm is the fact that it is a place where you can easily enjoy truly peaceful silence because there aren’t any cars allowed on it, so a typically Croatian lunch in the monastery’s restaurant could be a real delight.


It is very easy to get here from Dubrovnik, you can just take a taxi-boat that can take you there in only 15 minutes, where your unique experience by the Adriatic Sea can begin, whether you want a relaxing vacation or one full with interesting activities.

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